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A website for veterinary information to support practice, based on evidence and continuing education, it touches on all animals from ruminants, pigs, poultry, equine, fish & aquaculture, companion animals, exotic, zoo and wild animals, animal welfare and behavior. it also provides bookshop through which information can be obtained to discuss solutions to problems veterinary and other related areas such as agriculture and environment. It has articles covering all aspects of health and welfare of dogs, cats and other companion animals.

It requires subscription and login to access most of the information.


Suggestions: useful to know more on exotic animals to add more details to course material.

Veterinary Pathology database

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This website is great to test your pathology on all species, with pictures and useful details on a particular pathological diseases. There is a search toolbar to customise the type and species specific disease, from canine to exotic marine species, with all organ systems.  


Suggestions: Take the pathology quiz!

Best Practice Guides

#Deer #Ecology #Health #Welfare #Culling #Carcass #Habitat

A website designed to spread more knowledge on deer health and welfare. It has information on anatomy to care and ecology. There is health and welfare topics included with further descriptions on breeds. 


Suggestions: Useful for vets to know more on deer- common wildlife in most parts of the world.

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