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This is an Open Educational Resource (OER) - an online veterinary educational Knowledge resource and research finding for students and continuous professional development (CPD) of Veterinary professionals. Its content is about unique African veterinary and allied science matters. The contntents also incude parts that are for veterinary students and professionals. The educational resource content contains information on audiovisual research seources, livestock health management, and production, wildlife health management and production, companion animal health, health management tools, drivers of emerging and re-emerging diseases, arthropod vectors, zoonoses, ecosystem and ecology, veterinary public health and food safety, international trade and marketing of animal commodities and prducts, animal welfare, policy, planing and legislation.


Suggestions: good for understanding more about research and legislations.


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A clinical approach of how a clinician would go throught the process of diagnosis, treatment and follow up of each particular disease with pictures to aid description. Just write the disease you wish to search or clinical signs and general information of the disease will come up.  


Suggestions: very good to search for what diseases are associated with what clinical signs.

Veterinary Pathology database

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This website is great to test your pathology on all species, with pictures and useful details on a particular pathological diseases. There is a search toolbar to customise the type and species specific disease, from canine to exotic marine species, with all organ systems.  


Suggestions: Take the pathology quiz!

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