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The Centre for Food Security and Public Health

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A website that serves as a central location for a broad range of Public Health and food safety resources. It provided detailed information and various zoonotic diseases, supplementary handouts, presentations and educational resources. It also provides information and PDFs on biosecurity, risk reduction, how to prevent the spread of zoonotic disease, and disater preparedness and management.

This is a useful resource for gathering well made factual content for use in outreach projects, especially for one health projects.



Suggestions: for learning zoonotic diseases and public health.


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This is an Open Educational Resource (OER) - an online veterinary educational Knowledge resource and research finding for students and continuous professional development (CPD) of Veterinary professionals. Its content is about unique African veterinary and allied science matters. The educational resource content contains information on: audiovisual research seources, livestock health management, and production, wildlife health management and production, companion animal health, health management tools, drivers of emerging and re-emerging diseases, arthropod vectors, zoonoses, ecosystem and ecology, veterinary public health and food safety, international trade and marketing of animal commodities and prducts, animal welfare, policy, planing and legislation.


Suggestions: for general veterinary education knowledge and research.

Antimicrobial Resistance Learning Site

#PublicHealth #GlobalHealth #Antibiotics #Microbiology #Pharmacology

A great website to find updates on antimicrobial resistance and give advice on which drugs are suitable and not suitable to use for treatment. It splits this subject into three main topics: pharmacology, microbiology and public health. Also, there are interactive and clinical based animated books on different cases of antimicrobial resistance. As well as this, there is detalied information on species specific antimicrobial resistance that is occuring. 



Suggestions: for learning drug resistance in all species and public health. Good to recap this subject before entering clinical practice. 

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