Vet Visuals

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An interactive veterinary education online resource. It goes over clinical problems and leading veterinary specialists publish articles and cases covering research, diagnoses and therapies in all fields (on the content page). Provides reviews on BSAVA manuals useful to clinical year students. It is used for the GP as an platform for interactive CPD education. It provides access to ebooks on clinical pathology/feline medicine/oncology etc. A login is required. However, you need to pay a membership of a large sum to gain access to the websites resources.

It requires subscription and login to access most of the information.


Suggestions: for learning anatomy, pathology, disease and internal medicine.

Merck Manuals

#Encyclopedia #Allspecies #Medicine #Pathology

The Merck Veterinary Manual is one of the most famous veterinary encyclopedia in the world. Here the student/vet can search everything related to veterinary medicine, as for example:

1) Veterinary Encyclopedia (Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology etc)

2) Atlas of Sympomatology (a helper to diagnose easy a disease)

3)Multimedia (Drawings, Photos, Videos, Audio, Cytology smears, Histopathology sections etc).


Suggestions: for learning in all aspects of veterinary medicine.



Newman Veterinary Medicine

#Small Animals #Exotics #Clinical #Pathology #Anatomy #Pharmacology

A list of common pathologies or diseases in cats, dogs, birds and exotics. It describes the disease, the anatomy affected as well as the treatment options available. 


Suggestions: very good to search for more detail on certain small animal diseases.

Veterinary Pathology database

#Allspecies #Pathology #Quiz

This website is great to test your pathology on all species, with pictures and useful details on a particular pathological diseases. There is a search toolbar to customise the type and species specific disease, from canine to exotic marine species, with all organ systems.  


Suggestions: Take the pathology quiz!

Necropsy Show and Tell

#Canine #Pathology #Quiz #Search

This website is have a quick search of a pathological disease you need clarifying on and can provide lots of details and pictures of diseases.


Suggestions: Good for enhancing lecture notes

Veterinary Neuropathology

#Neuropathology #Allspecies

Type in keywords of clinical symptoms or the disease name, so then information and pictures of the disease will appear and provide some interesting clinical detail. Great to aid neuro lectures!


Suggestions: Useful to gain more information on a specific neuropathological disease.

The Joint Pathology Centre

#Joints #Allspecies #Pathology #Histopathology

A great website to describe in written and picture detail of pathology of all body sysetms in all species e.g. cardiovascular, nervous system in avian/exotics/rabbits etc. 



Suggestions: Great for supplementing lectures on pathology, for all species!

Please leave a comment below about the usefullness of the websites on this page or suggestions of other websites!

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