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Veterinary Anatomy (College of Veterinary Medicine/University of Minessota)

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This website is a site whereby veterinary students get to have an interactive approach in learning veterinary anatomy. Although the site's main focus is on small animals, there is also a section for ungulates. 


Suggestions: for learning anatomy throughout courses, Quizzes.

Limb Anatomy (Iowa State University)

#Anatomy #DiagnosticImaging #Bovine

Atlas of skeletal structures of the bovine and equine limbs. Uses both 3D and X ray imaging in many different planes.



Suggestions: for comparing 3D with X-rays.

Wikivet (Global)

#Antomy #Histology #Physiology #Allspecies

This website is designed to be a diverse learning platform, conserning most aspects of veterinary medicine. The website includes detailed descriptions of anatomy and physiology of all species and highlights the main species differences. There are drag and drop quizes at the end of each topic to test your knowledge. It is designed for more preclinical students. 


Suggestions: for learning antomy and physiology.

Illinois Imaging Anatomy

#Anatomy #Allspecies #Thorax #Abdomen #Limbs #Dentistry #Skull #Spine

Imaging Anatomy web site is a basic atlas of normal imaging anatomy of domestic animals established in College of Veterinary Medicine of Illinois (USA). The user can play with the interactive images and understand the normal structure of the body of all domestic animals as shown at x-rays.



Suggestions: for learning anatomy throughout courses and interactive images.

CABI VetMed Resource

#Allspecies #Agriculture #Environment  #Articles  #Journals

A website for veterinary information to support practice, based on evidence and continuing education, it touches on all animals from ruminants, pigs, poultry, equine, fish & aquaculture, companion animals, exotic, zoo and wild animals, animal welfare and behavior. it also provides bookshop through which information can be obtained to discuss solutions to problems veterinary and other related areas such as agriculture and environment. It has articles covering all aspects of health and welfare of dogs, cats and other companion animals.

It requires subscription and login to access most of the information.


Suggestions: for learning about knowledge of all animals and articles on particular cases.


#Anatomy #Allspecies #Histology

A resourceful website hosting an array of anatomical and histological pictures and videos on all veterinary species of importance, including exotics. Online long revision lectures on basic anatomy is available. Sections are categorized into body system, body region and species.


Suggestions: for learning anatomy of all species.

Merck Manuals

#Encyclopedia #Allspecies #Medicine #Pathology

The Merck Veterinary Manual is one of the most famous veterinary encyclopedia in the world. Here the student/vet can search everything related to veterinary medicine, as for example:

1) Veterinary Encyclopedia (Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology etc)

2) Atlas of Sympomatology (a helper to diagnose easy a disease)

3)Multimedia (Drawings, Photos, Videos, Audio, Cytology smears, Histopathology sections etc).


Suggestions: for learning in all aspects of veterinary medicine.


#Anatomy #Dogs #Horses #Livestock

Online veterinary anatomy museum is database of various resources: anatomic pieces and microscopic views of histologic samples of the different body regions, different presentations about dissections and anatomy. The pictures are classified by body region, body system and species. Each picture is accompanied by a small description and details on the origin of the piece. A second section contains a few online lectures about the anatomy of different species (dog, horse).


Suggestions: for learning anatomy of horse and dog. Searching historical pieces of data with useful links to other websites.

National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS)

#Allspecies #Disease #Epidemiology #AnimalHealth #Welfare

This website provides all the information about livestock diseases. It provides an index of the diseases of farm animal species including goats, camelids as well as game birds. It provides diagnosis, control, prevention and treatment for each disease or parasite, with a summary at the end. It has parasite forecasts and epidemiology statistics based from the UK. 


Suggestions: for learning about animal health and welfare.

Penn Computer Aided Learning

#Allspecies #Anatomy #Haematology #Specialism #Clinical

A great website that goes into easy to undertsand but great detail in all topics of veterinary medicine for all species! Provides online powerpoints and tutorials on preclinical and clinical knowledge, e.g. on pathobiology, surgery, cardiology and much more. 


Suggestions: for a clinical touch on all the theory you are learning and to understand clinical surgery and diagnosis. Highly recomended!


#Allspecies #Clinical #Diagnosis #Treatment

A clinical approach of how a clinician would go throught the process of diagnosis, treatment and follow up of each particular disease with pictures to aid description. Just write the disease you wish to search or clinical signs and general information of the disease will come up.  


Suggestions: very good to search for what diseases are associated with what clinical signs.

Veterinary Pathology database

#Allspecies #Pathology #Quiz

This website is great to test your pathology on all species, with pictures and useful details on a particular pathological diseases. There is a search toolbar to customise the type and species specific disease, from canine to exotic marine species, with all organ systems.  


Suggestions: Take the pathology quiz!


#FarmAnimals #Calves #Diagnosis #Treatment #Disease #Symptoms

A website all about calves! It explains in great detail all the common problems calves can get, with diagnosis and treatment plans. Easy to read format and to the point!


Suggestions: need to know more on calves?

EDU+ Article Database
#Articles #AllSpecies #Exotics #LargeAnimals

Find some useful articles on large animals, small animals, exotics, aquatics, and everything here! Compiled by your very own SCoVE team.


Suggestions: Looking for some interesting and useful articles to read? These might come in handy!

Please leave a comment below about the usefullness of the websites on this page or suggestions of other websites!

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