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VetStream (Global)

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Canis (dogs), Felis (cats), Lapis (rabbits) and Equis (horses) are online veterinary clinical reference sources, available to veterinary staff via quarterly or annual subscription and accessible from any internet-enabled device.

Updated weekly, content is presented in text, picture, video and audio format and has been submitted by over 800 of the world's leading veterinary clinicians. All content includes editorial board oversight and peer review, so you can rest assured that the clinical information on Vetstream is dependable and of a high standard.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free access to IVSA members if loggin via Wikivet.

Brief Media (North America Veterinary Community, NAVC)

#Clinician's Brief #Veterinary Team Brief #Plumb's Therapeutics Brief #NAVC #Companion Animals #Diagnostics # Clinical Pharmacology

The three online journals of NAVC named Clinician's Brief, Veterinary Team Brief and dTherapeutics Brief.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free access to IVSA members


VetPD (Global)

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VetPD is dedicated to running the highest quality professional development courses, which include practical sessions in genuine small groups. VetPD recruits internationally renowned speakers / instructors and encourages them to present current, up-to-date scientific knowledge in their lectures, using their considerable clinical experience to put the information into context and to give attendees useful practical pointers. We support frank and honest topical discussions, with speakers sharing their successes and failures in order to maximise the learning experience for all attending veterinarians. The majority of VetPD courses contain practical small group sessions because we believe that lectures require the addition of hands-on experience under the supervision of specialists to ensure attendees get the most out of professional development courses. The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) and the European College of Zoological Medicine (ECZM) are Educational Endorsers of VetPD.


  • Any course spaces not taken up by veterinarians are made available to IVSA students at a highly reduced price.

  • Become a VetPD Student Ambassador for your University and attend one VetPD course for free

  • VetPD is donating a space at any VetPD course to the annual IVSA Symposium and Congress. Don’t miss the opportunity to bid for it! All funds raised go to the IVSA Development Fund.


#Ultrasound #Allspecies #Clinical

IVSA is providing extended free use for students to use the EchoVet veterinary ultrasound software! This software allows users to perform, analyze, and report an ultrasound examination, whether abdominal or cardiac. There are learning tools built in.

Students can use this for free during their clinical years to help them learn ultrasound, and may elect to continue use in practice afterwards.

This resource is aimed towards clinical year students interested in learning ultrasound and providing teaching tools to advance skills, and giving the ability to practice generating an excellent ultrasound record.

Please complete the form below and EchoVet will email you with download details with free extra time already provided.
EchoVet will also be sending you educational tips, "pearls" of information that are quick and practical.

For more information, see echovet.com 

SPECIAL OFFER: Free IVSA membership. To access this exclusive offer, please fill in the form below and EchoVet will send loggin details to you.



#OnlineCourses #Videos #Clinical #IVSACommittees

We are proud to announce the release of our new 'IVSA Educational Corner' module on vetmedacademy.org

Here you can gain access to all the educational material online created by all the IVSA Committees! 
It includes educational content such as, VET Talks, SCoVE articles and SCOH VPH Journals and many more!

It is simple and easy to loggin to vetmedacademy! You can then access 'IVSA Educational Corner' module and enjoy all the resources.

VetMedAcademy is designed to host free online interactive courses all for Vet students! There are courses on physiology, endocrinology, electrocardiography and many more.
There is one module called 'Blended learning and critical thinking'. You can learn about flipping content and blended learning, all with the goal of creating more time for instructor-student interaction over critical clinical thinking activities.


Llama Zoo

#Anatomy #Videos #3D

Llama Zoo is an interactive, 3D anatomy guide for the complete canine, that provides a means of engaging students outside the classroom.

 LlamaZOO has just become a part of our IVSA family by joining us as sponsors! Let's give them a warm welcome to the family as we watch this video from them: https://vimeo.com/169937581

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