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Vet Visuals

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An interactive veterinary education online resource. It goes over clinical problems and leading veterinary specialists publish articles and cases covering research, diagnoses and therapies in all fields (on the content page). Provides reviews on BSAVA manuals useful to clinical year students. It is used for the GP as an platform for interactive CPD education. It provides access to ebooks on clinical pathology/feline medicine/oncology etc. A login is required. However, you need to pay a membership of a large sum to gain access to the websites resources.

It requires subscription and login to access most of the information.


Suggestions: for learning anatomy, pathology, disease and internal medicine.

A Case a Week

#Casestudies #Diagnostics #Treatment

This website provides a selection of 25 challenging cases and more, to brainstorm and practice diagnostic skills and treatment plans, based on clinical history, examination and general blood tests. A detailed solution is presented with each case and a comment section for viewers to post their opinion on the differential diagnosis or treatment strategy and allows a general discussion over the case. A new case is presented every week. Experienced vets often comment on the cases and their opinions are useful to the student. On the bottom right hand side are a list of links to useful specialist field websites for instance, dermatology/radiology/cardiovascular cases etc. 


Suggestions: for learning case studies and developng diagnostic and treatment skills.

Vetstream (Global)

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VetStream provides detailed and well explained clinically relevant knowledge and cases for clinical year vet students.

This website provides an easy to access information source for veterinary students and recent graduates with the animal health related industries and organisations.  

Free access to all contents for IVSA members.


Suggestions: for supplementing clinical knowledge and information on wikivet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Cornell University Consultant

#Diagnosis #Treatment #Diseases

A online consultant page from Cornell University, offered to support and improve diagnostic skills. It has a search toolbar to search clinical symptoms that are assocaited with particular diseases. It gives you a description of the disease, signs and references to clinical research articles. It has literature on the classification, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, prevention, and explanation of diseases. It describes new disorders and has content on further specialism. 


Suggestions: for gaining help and learning of diagnosis and treatment. Specific description in search tool bar is required.


#Allspecies #Clinical #Diagnosis #Treatment

A clinical approach of how a clinician would go throught the process of diagnosis, treatment and follow up of each particular disease with pictures to aid description. Just write the disease you wish to search or clinical signs and general information of the disease will come up.  


Suggestions: very good to search for what diseases are associated with what clinical signs.

National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS)

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This website provides all the information about livestock diseases. It provides an index of the diseases of farm animal species including goats, camelids as well as game birds. It provides diagnosis, control, prevention and treatment for each disease or parasite, with a summary at the end. It has parasite forecasts and epidemiology statistics based from the UK. 


Suggestions: for learning about animal health and welfare.

Dr Banga's Website

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With cases to solve (NAVLE standard), free veterinary e-books, procedural videos and more online veterinary resources, our new inclusion on EDU+ is a grand resource base for veterinary students regardless of your level of study or region of study! The site was created and is being maintained by Dr Banga.

Dr Banga has worked as Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Students at School of Veterinary Medicine, St. George's University, Grenada. He has more than 10 years of Teaching and Research Experience at academic institutes of different countries. He got several awards for Teaching and Research including Carl Norden-Pfizer Distinguished Teaching Award and Banfield Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching


Suggestions: Please visit this website and access many books and more features.


#CPD #Webinars #Podcasts #Clinical

VETgirl is designed for veterinary professionals who  are “on the run.” Don’t have time to read through stacks of journals or sit through hours of videos. Download the podcasts you want to listen to or watch the webinars when you have time.  Topics ranging from ‘How to unblock a cat” to “Treating the po’: parvovirus” to “Phenobarbital or potassium bromide: which one’s better?”

There is free subscription for vet students!


1) Click on the 'VETgirl' link below to create a FREE VETgirl profile:



2) Email with your newly created account username.
In that email, send proof of graduation year (i.e. student ID card, letter, etc).  The more creative the may just get some free VETgirl swag if you make us laugh! 


3) Within 24 hours, we'll get you upgraded to your free subscription!


Don't forget, once you graduate VETgirl offer a NEW graduate discount, intern/resident discount, and FREE access for veterinary military members.


Suggestions: Watch through some of the podcasts and webinars whilst you have your breakfast/on a run!

The Webinar Vet

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Free videos and webinars on everything to do with all subjects. Easy to understand and follow! Specialist vets will talk you through common and uncommon diseases.


Suggestions: Have a watch of these once a week whilst having your breakfast!

Dechra academy 

#Videos #Clinical #Webcasts #Cardiology #Dermatology #Anaesthesia  #Endocrinology #Fluid therapy #Exotics #Diet/Nutrition

Free videos and webcasts on all topics maentioned above. Some are free and very easy and easy to pick up what you need to know. Created by specialist vets


Suggestions: On a placement and dont understand how to sort out analgesia then come here!

Cardio academy

#Videos #Clinical #Cats #Dogs #Cardiology #Disease

Free videos and webinars on everything to do with cardiology. Easy to understand and follow! Specialist vets will talk you through common and uncommon heart diseases.


Suggestions: On a placement and dont understand an ECG, this may help!

Neurological Exam
(Colorado State University)

#Neurology #Canine

A website designed to improve your ability to diagnose and be aware of the behavioural changes associated with neurological defects. There are many cases all highlighting an abundant array of neurological abnormatlities and will go through the steps of diagnosis and which clinical examination to use etc. There are mini tests at the end as well. Very good for understanding neurological clinical examinations and reflex responses. 


Suggestions: for learning and practising neurology.

#Videos #Clinical #Anatomy #Surgery #Specialisms  #Exotics #Cats #Dogs

Vetvideos is a great website to direct visual information about any clinical specialism from neurology to dermatology. It contains all the clinical fields but also non-clinical topics, like anatomy. 


Suggestions: Watch some videos on clinical examinations to parasitology or microbiology or anaesthesia. Dont miss out!

Please leave a comment below about the usefullness of the websites on this page or suggestions of other websites!

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