E-courses Platforms

TED (Global)

#Talks #General Education

Videos database related with different issues as well as Technology, Medicine and General Education.


Suggestions: get informed for a lot of sciences and issues

TEDMED (Global)

#Talks #Medicine #Veterinary Medicine #Biomedicine

Videos database related with Medical, Veterinary Medical and Biomedical issues.


Suggestions: for sharing medical knowledge or discussing medical issues throughout the world

Future Learn (The Open University, UK)


This an online courses database especially for general education issues.


Suggestions: you can find a lot of general knowledge courses

Coursera (Global)

#Courses #Specializations

This is one of the biggest online platforms with online Courses or even Specializations related with a lot of sciences.


Suggestions: you can find a lot of Business & Managment courses as well as few Veterinary Medical Courses

Dr Smarts

#General #Quizes #Training

DrSmarts is a web-based learning resource established in USA. It is a website which offers FREE and financially incentized medical education for health care students and residents. The vet med part was recently developed. Included:
• Veterinary Quizes
• Brain Teasers (of general knowledge)
• Open access to famous Veterinary Books
• Rewards and Scholarhsips (ie. Coupons of clothes company etc) related to the points you gather from your knowledge progress

It requires registration to access the information.


Suggestions: for learning about knowledge of all animals and articles on particular cases and quizes.



Study Blue is a website which allows sharing of flashcards and documents such as lecture notes. The user can conveniently download the app on their tablets or smartphones for easy access of self-made or shared flashcards. Suitable for both iOS and Android users. Users can pay to upgrade to Study Blue Pro which lets the user to unlock documents which are needed to be purchased.


Suggestions: for learning via flashcards- very useful for anatomy and physiology. Categories for veterinary medicine limited.



Vet Revise is a flashcard website dedicated to veterinary medicine and was created by a vet student. You can use flashcard applications and this allows intelligent card scheduling to help you study smarter and learn more. You can use as well as share revision flash cards. There are thousands of flashcards to use and growing.


Suggestions: for learning via flashcards- very useful for anatomy and physiology. 

International Veterinary Information Service

#Books #Reviews #Journals #Anatomy #Physiology #Pathology

IVIS website provides a good collection of veterinary books, reviews and journals. It includes literature on all topics from specific anatomy and physiology topics, e.g. cardiology, to pathology, reproduction, microbiology and clinical science topics e.g. opthamology. As well as having specific information on all species. Very useful website to clarify or gain extra knowledge of a particular interest. Further links to pubmed, newsletter and advertismeent of conferences is beneficial to understand developments in veterinary medicine. They even provide online courses for distant learning. Very useful for even qualified vets.

Registration is needed to access more sections of the website. 


Suggestions: With many journals and e-books useful for research projects.

World Veterinary Association (WVA)

#General #AnimalHealth #Welfare #PublicHealth #ExchangePlatform #Profession #Global

This website provides a lot of general information on veterinary medicine: animal health, welfare and public health globally.

A login is required.


Suggestions: for learning animal health and welfare.


#Research #Journals #Articles #General

A worldwide database with a collection of old to new peer-reviewed journals, reviews and articles of research on all aspects of veterinary medicine. 

A login is required. 


Suggestions: you can use this to research and reference articles for your own research projects or assignments. 

Vet Learn

#General #Profession #Global

This website provides a lot of general information on veterinary medicine: practice managment and equine medicine etc. 

A login is required.


Suggestions: useful for furthering knowledge with many webinars to watch.

Vets for life

#General #Profession #Vet  #Life

A practicing veterinarian, talking about her personal experience in both english and polish.


Suggestions: you can read the blogs and get a feel of the life of an ambitious small animal vet.

Annette's Vet Student Info

#General #Cases #Student

A blog of a vet students life, with some interesting cases and descriptions of pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, veterinary public health and microbiology! 


Suggestions: you can read the blogs and learn important vet knowledge along the way!

MSD Animal Health

#Allspecies #Antibiotics #Drugs #Pharmacology

MSD provides short descriptions of medications available for all species as well as when you would you use the drug and for what clinical treatment! 


Suggestions: A good reference to get to know all the druga available for all species from small animnals to farm, poultry and fish medicine!


#CPD #Webinars #Podcasts #Clinical

VETgirl is designed for veterinary professionals who  are “on the run.” Don’t have time to read through stacks of journals or sit through hours of videos. Download the podcasts you want to listen to or watch the webinars when you have time.  Topics ranging from ‘How to unblock a cat” to “Treating the po’: parvovirus” to “Phenobarbital or potassium bromide: which one’s better?”

There is free subscription for vet students!


1) Click on the 'VETgirl' link below to create a FREE VETgirl profile:



2) Email students@vetgirlontherun.com with your newly created account username.
In that email, send proof of graduation year (i.e. student ID card, letter, etc).  The more creative the better...you may just get some free VETgirl swag if you make us laugh! Refer to IVSA SCoVE EDU+ co-ordinator Bhavisha Patel


3) Within 24 hours, we'll get you upgraded to your free subscription!


Don't forget, once you graduate VETgirl offer a NEW graduate discount, intern/resident discount, and FREE access for veterinary military members.


Suggestions: Watch through some of the podcasts and webinars whilst you have your breakfast/on a run!

National Office of Animal Health (NOAH)

#CPD #Medicines #Vaccines #Antibiotics #Farm animal Health #Consumer #Food


This website is great to get to know more details on animal medicines and farm animal food safety and vaccine protocol for all animals. 


Suggestions: Good for getting information on vaccine and antibiotic protocol for all animal species. 


#Videos #Clinical  #Anatomy  #Surgery  #Specilism  #Exotics #Cats #Dogs

Vetvideos is a great website to direct visual information about any clinical specialism from neurology to dermatology. It contains all the clinical fields but also non-clinical topics, like anatomy. 


Suggestions: Watch some videos on clinical examinations to parasitology or microbiology or anaesthesia. Dont miss out!


#Videos #Clinical  #E-Courses #Everything

A website dedicated to providing online courses at university level about anything, from languages, nature, energy to veterinary medicine fields. This is useful to even graduates.   


Suggestions: Think outside the box, and read somehting new ideas!


#Worldwide #Courses #Equine #Dogs #Cats #Exotics 

A website designed to provide a diverse range of CPD courses on various specialist fields on all the main species. Each of the courses are hosted by many countries, particularly in europe. Course topics are very interesting and both theory and practical based. 


Suggestions: When your qualified have a look at these courses and if your interested in the topic why not sign up! Its very tempting!

Coursera (Global)

#Courses #Specializations

This is one of the biggest online platforms with online Courses or even Specializations related with a lot of sciences.


Suggestions: you can find a lot of Business & Managment courses as well as few Veterinary Medical Courses

Wikivet videos

#Videos #Clinical  #Factsheets #Anatomy #Pathology #Guide

Wikivet videos with the upcoming new Vettalks. An array of videos from urinary disorders, embryology, cardiology, clinical and anatomy lectures. There are more videos to be uploaded per month, so watch out! These videos can facilitate your own lectures and help you understand subjects.  


Suggestions: Watch a video once you have learnt the subject at vet school and then expand on the ideas they talk about with the factsheets.

VETMED Academy

#E-learning #Courses #Physiology #Endocrinology #Fluid #Electrocardiography

This website provides great online intercative courses designed for veterinary students. The courses include topics on physiology, endocrinology, fluid therapy, electrocardiography and many more. We are developing a project with them to create an moodle site for  both educators and students tp publish educational material on there, that will hten be peer-reviewde and utilised by students globally. We would like to know your thoughts on this and if using a  'moodle' site would be good. Currently, vetmedacademy uses Moodle as a platform to host its courses. The survey can be accessed here.



Suggestions: Go throught the courses slowly and then when you feel ready and competent in the subject, take the quiz at the end and recieve your badge!


#Worldwide #Courses #Lecture #Dogs #Cats #Clinics #Diseases 

VetScope is a free online educational and communication platform for veterinary professionals/students around the world. We offer lectures and procedural videos for free and with subtitles in 9 languages. Our goal is to help make veterinary knowledge accessible to every professional so that they can be the best veterinarian, vet tech or nurse possible.  www.vetscope.vet

Suggestions: This site is freely to access, but if this gives you much benefits maybe you need to register and feel happily as part of it!

Please leave a comment below about the usefullness of the websites on this page or suggestions of other websites!

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