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Small Animal Ultrasonography

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This website is very useful for practising ultrasound examinations with many video tutorials and articles and case studies with ultrasound examination. A ATLAS book is available and a blog of vets about ultrasonography.  

A login is required.


Suggestions: for improving ultrasound examination.


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Echovet is a website created by a veterinary cardiologist. The software is primarily designed to allow veterinarians to analyze and report their ultrasound examinations. There is a bunch of help so that people wanting to learn ultrasound and echocardiography would be empowered.

You can download a free trial. 


Suggestions: Practice some ultrasound examinations or use this to find more details on ultrasounds you take yourself! 

Virtual Radiography of the Horse (University of Edinburgh)


Provides information on the techniques used to obtain Xrays of different structures of the horse (not X-rays included).



Suggestions: manual for taking X-rays.

Canine Brain MRI Atlas

#Canine #Brain #MRI #Soft-tissue

This website is good for understanding the anatomy of the brain, with MRI scans from rostral to caudal sections.   


Suggestions: Take the brain quiz!

Illinois Imaging Anatomy

#Anatomy #Allspecies #Thorax #Abdomen #Limbs #Dentistry #Skull #Spine

Imaging Anatomy web site is a basic atlas of normal imaging anatomy of domestic animals established in College of Veterinary Medicine of Illinois (USA). The user can play with the interactive images and understand the normal structure of the body of all domestic animals as shown at x-rays.



Suggestions: for learning anatomy throughout courses and interactive images.

Please leave a comment below about the usefullness of the websites on this page or suggestions of other websites!

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