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The resourse for exotic animal veterinart professionals

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LafeberVet is an ever-growing online library of exotic animal medicine videosarticleseducational resources  and much more.

Provided by Lafeber Company, LafeberVet is for use by veterinary and wildlife professionals. Access to much of LafeberVet’s content is restricted, however registration is free.


Suggestions: useful to know more on exotic animals to add more details to course material.


#Anatomy #Allspecies #Histology

A resourceful website hosting an array of anatomical and histological pictures and videos on all veterinary species of importance, including exotics. Online long revision lectures on basic anatomy is available. Sections are categorized into body system, body region and species.


Suggestions: for learning anatomy of all species.

Vetstream (Global)

#Cases #Exchangeplatform #Allspecies #Clinical

VetStream provides detailed and well explained clinically relevant knowledge and cases for clinical year vet students.

This website provides an exchange platform for veterinary students and recent graduates with the animal health related industries and organisations.  This can include: pharmaceutical, pet food, finance (insurance and banking), architecture and design, automobile, veterinary organisations and associations, as well as the leisure industries.

Free access for IVSA members.


Suggestions: for supplementing clinical knowledge and information on wikivet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


#Allspecies #Clinical #Diagnosis #Treatment

A clinical approach of how a clinician would go throught the process of diagnosis, treatment and follow up of each particular disease with pictures to aid description. Just write the disease you wish to search or clinical signs and general information of the disease will come up.  


Suggestions: very good to search for what diseases are associated with what clinical signs.

Veterinary Pathology database

#Allspecies #Pathology #Quiz

This website is great to test your pathology on all species, with pictures and useful details on a particular pathological diseases. There is a search toolbar to customise the type and species specific disease, from canine to exotic marine species, with all organ systems.  


Suggestions: Take the pathology quiz!

Newman Veterinary Medicine

#Small Animals #Exotics #Clinical #Pathology #Anatomy #Pharmacology

A list of common pathologies or diseases in cats, dogs, birds and exotics. It describes the disease, the anatomy affected as well as the treatment options available. 


Suggestions: very good to search for more detail on certain small animal diseases.

Dechra academy 

#Videos #Clinical #Webcasts #Cardiology #Dermatology #Anaesthesia  #Endocrinology #Fluid therapy #Exotics #Diet/Nutrition

Free videos and webcasts on all topics maentioned above. Some are free and very easy and easy to pick up what you need to know. Created by specialist vets


Suggestions: On a placement and dont understand how to sort out analgesia then come here!


#Worldwide #Courses #Equine #Dogs #Cats #Exotics 

A website designed to provide a diverse range of CPD courses on various specialist fields on all the main species. Each of the courses are hosted by many countries, particularly in europe. Course topics are very interesting and both theory and practical based. 


Suggestions: When your qualified have a look at these courses and if your interested in the topic why not sign up! Its very tempting!

EDU+ Article Database
#Articles #Exotics #Avian #Reptile #Rabbits #Ferrits #GuinaPigs #Chinchilla #Disease #Anesthesia

Find some useful articles on exotics, aquatics, and everything here! Compiled by your very own SCoVE team.


Suggestions: Looking for some interesting and useful articles to read? These might come in handy!

Please leave a comment below about the usefullness of the websites on this page or suggestions of other websites!

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